The Sentinels Project is an installation exhibition made up of large format portraits and video to be shown at East Hotel till May 28th. The Project is an ongoing series looking at public power, female strength and the ability of communities to engage with evil in their midst. Traditionally shown illegally pasted up under bridges and down dark alleyways the series evolved from work that artist Hamish Ta-mé was doing with a guerilla Artists Run Initiative that he founded in 2005.

The large-scale show is running concurrently to Ta-mé’s work on show at the National Portrait Gallery in the 2014 National Photographic Portrait Prize.

Hamish Ta-mé is a regional artist working predominantly within photomedia. This is his third inclusion in the prestigious National Photographic Portrait Prize.

His image on show at the National Portrait Gallery is from the Sentinels Project.

Hamish can be contacted directly 0428294569 or

He has an irregular update on email about his shows, exhibitions, drinks nights and installation here.